Dr. Thenera Bailey is the President/CEO of The SISGI Group. She has had an accomplished career as a trainer, consultant, nonprofit leader, grantmaker and technical assistance provider to nonprofits/NGOs, programs, government agencies, corporations, and school systems throughout the country. Her consulting projects cover a variety of areas of expertise and services including developing programs, training, expansion/replication of program models to new communities, strategic planning and capacity building.

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thenera bailey

founder / ceo


Tawni assists with the daily operations of The SISGI Group and ensures that the CEO and team members have the support needed to execute projects with ease. An integral member of the SISGI Team, she's able to use her strengths to enhance the lives of others through providing administrative and support with operations.

Madeline was born and raised in Puerto Rico and brings her bilingual abilities and dual Social Work degrees (BSW and MSW) to support a variety of client projects in areas such as strategic planning, training systems, capacity building and more. She has been working internationally with SISGI as a Project Coordinator and Intern supervisor. 

Operations Manager
Executive Assistant to CEO




Project Associate,
General Projects

tawni johnson


Tenelle Bailey serves as a Managing Partner for SISGI Group and is a core team lead on many client projects including marketing, web development, and social media. She is also responsible for leading the marketing and communications for The SISGI Group and SISGI Beyond Good Ideas Foundation campaigns and programs. 

Managing Partner Marketing and Creative Services

tenelle bailey

Ileana Naranjo has over ten years of experience working with nonprofits and
K-12 schools. She received her Masters in Social Work from the University of Southern California with a concentration in Community Organization, Planning and Administration. She currently serves as Program Manager for SISGI's Alliance for Positive Youth Development.

Jaida Rodriques is the Project Associate Intern for the SISGI Group where she assists with primary project management consulting tasks. Jaida is a New Jersey native, currently in her 3rd year at Spelman College in Atlanta,Georgia, majoring in Political Science on the Pre-Law track.  In the future, Jaida aspires to attend law school and ultimately become a Juvenile court Judge. 

Project Associate,
Special Projects

Project Associate,

Ileana Naranjo

jaida Rodriques

Terrel specializes in Justice, Equity, Diversity, and Inclusion (JEDI) practices. He also has experience in areas such as change management, strategic planning, and transformational educational programming. Other areas of expertise include organizational dynamics, emotional intelligence, and leadership development.

JEDI Project Lead





Virginia’s passion for addressing social injustices and inequalities led her to embark on a career in the social sector over a decade ago. Throughout her career, she has gained expertise in managing programs for social good. Her experience ranges from managing community awareness and fundraising campaigns at United Way of Miami-Dade to overseeing clinical research studies in support of military health and medicine at the Naval Medical Center San Diego.

Codi Tranel is a licensed Social Worker with her Masters of Social Work Degree and a certification in Nonprofit Management from the University of Texas at Austin. She has over 10 years of experience working for youth-serving organizations and over 6 years of management experience.

 MSW Program Lead,
Professional Development

MSW Program Manager,
Cause Marketing Lead 

MSW Program Lead,
Development and Fundraising

Virginia “Ginny” Gary

Codi Tranel

Marie Stamsen has a Masters in Social Work from the University of Southern California with a focus in Community Development and Service through innovation and collaboration.
She has years of experience working with the Department of Human Services, the homeless community and at-risk youth agencies creating and developing programs and promotion through technology and media.




Marie Stamsen

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