Social Change Leadership Program

The Social Change Leadership Program prepares individuals to solve pressing social problems. Participants include college students, community leaders and nonprofit staff interested in gaining and increasing their skills to problem solve, strategize, and collaborate around issues they are passion about changing through their careers. Preparing students to enter the workforce with practical experience and providing leadership training to current professionals, increases the effectiveness of the social sector and enhances efforts for lasting social change.

Internship Programs

Programs designed for college students interested in social change.

SISGI Group Interns work in project teams connecting their academic and career interests and gain critical thinking skills, the ability to develop original products to address social issues and skills in project management and research.

Key Components of This Unique Experience

  • Interdisciplinary look at Social Change
  • Institute for Social Change online courses
  • Mentoring and Career Development
  • Research and Case Analysis
  • Hands on Practical Experience Solving Pressing Issues Within a Nonprofit Organization
  • Training in Social Media for Social Change
  • Videoconferencing and Networking with nonprofit leaders, social entrepreneurs, policy makers, and corporate partners
  • Collaboration and connections across global boundaries

We offer the following internship experiences to undergraduate and graduate students:

The Value of the Virtual Internship - A University Partner Perspective

Social Work Field Placement and Internship Program

This online internship allows graduate social work students to gain practical management experience in research and strategy development within the social sector and on a variety of social initiatives. Interns participating in this programs learn a broad view of social change but develop specific macro social work skills that are applicable to any social issue or social organization.

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Cause Marketing Internship

This virtual internship allows undergraduate and graduate students to gain practical experience in marketing and awareness building for social change efforts. Interns will gain valuable experience in managing and developing a marketing and communications plan for national and international programs.

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Development Project Internship

This virtual internship provides undergraduate and graduate students the opportunity to learn best practices in fundraising and development for nonprofit organizations. This includes working on a fundraising capacity building project with a nonprofit partner client.

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For over 5 years we have helped students gain skills to lead in the social sector. They are now managing programs with leading organizations, social entrepreneurs designing innovative ways to create social good and changemakers taking on social issues in every corner of the globe. Help us provide this opportunity to even more individuals by donating today.

A one year leadership experience for community leaders, nonprofit professionals and executive directors

We are building a strong network of nonprofit professionals who are dedicated to creating lasting change that transforms organizations, local communities, and the greater society.

Community Leaders Academy for the Social Sector – CLASS

The Community Leaders Academy for the Social Sector (CLASS) is the ideal course for community leaders who are looking to enhance the impact of their work in the social sector. This year long leadership program includes networking with other nonprofit professionals, training and professional development on core skills in social change leadership, and a chance to apply the lessons in real world program management experiences. Fellows are selected through an open application process and 20-25 finalists are chosen to participate in each cohort.

Nonprofit Executive Leadership Academy – NELA

The Nonprofit Executive Leadership Academy (NELA) is the ideal program for women executive leaders who are looking to enhance the impact of their work in the social sector. This year long leadership program connects you with a strong network of nonprofit professionals who are passionate about making lasting change in their communities. Participants will have access to extraordinary training and professional development focused on executive skills in social change leadership, and a chance to receive strategic support and coaching. Fellows are selected through an open application process and 25-30 finalists are chosen to participate in each cohort.

External Program Partners

Nonprofit Partners

Social Change Leadership Program Nonprofit Partners have a need for capacity building for their program or organization but limited human resources to meet this need. They have a strong and sustainable strategy to address a serious social problem and with additional support and awareness could be more effective. These organizations are interested in collaboration and working strategically to meet their mission. Nonprofit partners can apply to receive capacity and organizational support through individual and collaboration projects. They also can also recruit ISC Interns for internship placement after they have successfully completed the program. If you are interested in learning more about becoming a nonprofit partner please email

University Partners

Our leadership program builds on the existing academic programs of undergraduate and graduate students. We specifically provide a strategic career development model for those interested in working in the social sector and/or on social change issues. For universities that do not have a structured nonprofit career preparation model, we provide an opportunity for students to build on their academic experience. Students can complete the program for credit and additional requirements can be added or modified to meet course requirements. Students from New York University, Duke University, Nova Southeastern University and University of South California have received credit for their internship experience. For more information on becoming a university partner please email