Nonprofits Should be in the Business of Going Out of Business

Our organization believes in the power of social change organizations and especially in building the capacity of the social sector to take on the greatest challenges facing the world. However, there is so much competition and ineffective strategies muddying the waters of social change that good strategies are unable to rise to the surface.

SISGI Group CEO Thenera Bailey shared her thoughts on this problem on the Huffington Post this week asking for social organizations to begin asking themselves “How close did you come to putting ourselves out of business this year?”

Her thoughts are that we seem to have the right amount of individuals aware and engaged in the battle to take on pressing issues, so why are we continuing to see stagnant, slow or no progress? The issue lies in the way we are going about solving these problems. I mean, if we actually solved the problems of the world, why then would our non-profit organizations and awareness campaigns need to exist?

You can view the article in its entirety and join the conversation on this issue on the Huffington Post or write about it on ourĀ Facebook?page. How strong is your organization”s strategy for change and how effective is it at eliminating the social problem?

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