Meet the SISGI Interns: Genevieve Bixler

Genevieve Bixler

SISGI Intern, Spring Cohort


#1  What is your area of focus as a SISGI intern?

My area of focus is currently inclusion practices. I am also very interested in women’s rights and equality, however, am not currently researching that.

#2  Describe your most interesting or challenging assignment during your internship?

My most challenging assignment so far has been creating an inclusion training. It has been challenging to condense and organize the information in a way that is effective for learning purposes. I am not even halfway through the training semester (my second semester), however I am excited about learning how to create animation videos, and to see how the final training product comes together.

#3  Name one thing you like(d) about the SISGI Group intern experience?

I truly enjoy the virtual, flexible experience, and feel as though I still develop strong connections with other interns and Thenera. This virtual internship has opened my mind to the possibility and benefits of having a future virtual job. Living in NYC has made it possible to have some real time experiences with this internship as well, such as attending the Social Good Summit, which was an amazing experience.

#4  What would be your dream job?

My dream career would include working mostly virtually, with the ability and need to travel occasionally. I am still working on networking in my community and discovering my true dream job. Currently, I have many passions and ideas, so it’s difficult to narrow it down. This internship is challenging me to network, research, and actively work towards finding my dream job.

#5  What has been your greatest learning experience while interning with SISGI Group?

My greatest learning experience has been learning how to manage my time effectively, as well as challenging myself to figure out how to complete tasks with little direction.

#6  What is one thing that surprised you about working with a virtual internship?

That I would still have some opportunities in NYC to participate in real life events. It can be an added bonus to find activities and networking events in your community, participate, and relate it back to your SISGI experience.

It also surprised me how much control we have to make the internship our own personal experience and cater it to our own needs, ideas and passions.

#7  Name one interesting fact about yourself that you would like to share.

I love to travel, and have been privileged enough to experience many countries and cultures in Europe, Africa, and Asia, and Central America. My mom was stationed in Germany for four years (Air Force) and I also was able to do Semester at sea for my study abroad in college.

#8  How do you plan to use the knowledge you’ve gained from this internship in your career?

Everything that I am learning through SISGI Group is going to be beneficial for any career path I choose. Gaining confidence, a strong work ethic and leadership skills, as well as learning from and receiving/using feedback from others who are in different areas across the country and globe is wonderful experience for any career.

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