Technology and Digitally Focused Organization

We use technology to make the world smaller, faster and more efficient in addressing social issues.

The SISGI Group uses technology to effect social change and to operate. The organization is committed to operating as an 80-90% virtual organization to leverage the benefits of technology and cloud work environments. This allows for the least amount of overhead and administrative costs, access to the most talented global staff and partners, regardless of geographic location, and the ability to decrease our environmental footprint.

  • With advanced telecommunications technology, a large segment of our workers can benefit from "work-at-home" productivity not compromising either their family living or their job productivity.
  • This policy allows employee freedom to choose an environment that is more suitable from a social and economic standpoint, while remaining loyal and productive for their employer.
  • Our virtual workspace allows selection of a remote worksite that is acceptable to all staff and improves retention in the event of a transfer or other job opportunity for a spouse/partner's career.
  • Through virtual workspaces and cloud computing, a person can work for a company in one part of the world, while living in another, allowing our organization to recruit the best talent for the position and have systems in place to support clients around the globe. Our access to talent, partners and resources around the globe allows us to work on social issues and harness resources on a global scale.
  • Although energy utilization will probably continue to grow as industries expand and people around the globe continue to improve their standard of living, efficient use of energy is the focus of our policy. By working in a virtual space instead of using more conventional methods, there is a great potential to save energy. The three major areas where energy can be conserved are: Vehicle-related materials and resources; Highway-related materials and resources; and Office-related materials and resources.
  • By having a digitally focused culture all of our staff are extremely versed and comfortable in using technology. This allows us to assist our partners, clients, and collaborators in leveraging technology in their work and day to day operations. This leads to great efficiency throughout the social sector.
  • With technology at the core of our work, we use it to increase access and equalize information. Technology allows us to work towards a more integrated nonprofit sector because our work and learning are not limited by geographic or physical boundaries. Part of our organization's mission focuses on encouraging action around social problems, strategic thinking and large scale efforts to solve problems. We use mobile and digital technology to learn from, share information and quickly connect with other people around the globe interested in creating lasting social change.
  • Compared to similar non-virtual and digitally focused organizations, a larger share of resources invested in the SISGI Group can go directly towards program and partner outcomes, rather than expensive office space and other overhead costs, making for a stronger return on investment.