Social Change Leadership

Internship Program


per month

provides this opportunity for more students

  • Virtual internship to prepare individuals to solve pressing social problems
  • Practical real world experience leading social change
  • Collaboration across global boundaries
  • Leveraging and learning how to use technology for social good
  • Open to undergraduate, graduate and doctoral students
  • Help us provide this opportunity to more students in 2018!

Leadership Academy

Professional Development for Nonprofit Leaders


per month

provides scholarships to nonprofit leaders

  • Year Long Program Full of Interactive Learning
  • Practical Management and Leadership Skills
  • Courses focused on enhancing the impact of their work
  • Variety of learning levels and experiences
  • Inclusive and diverse cohorts increasing the voices for social good in leadership
  • Help us provide scholarships to qualified Leadership Academy Fellows in 2018!

BGI Foundation 

Hurricane Fund


per month

provides support to community based efforts to rebuild in 2018!

  • Help residents meet the needs of basic necessities
  • Fund much needed repairs and supplies to begin to rebuild
  • 100% of the fund will be used directly to support residents and communities 
  • Provide shipments of items and send in kind donations
  • Provide relief to US Virgin Islands, Puerto Rico, British Virgin Islands
  • Help us increase our services in 2018!

 Your donation to our work is an investment in the social sector. By supporting our programs you prepare the next generation of social change leaders and empower the current changemakers. All donations are tax deductible as allowed by law. You will be able to enter your donation amount by clicking any of the donate buttons on this page. 

The SISGI Beyond Good Ideas Foundation is a 501 (c) 3 charitable organization and a division of The SISGI Group.