Social Work Field Placement and Internship Program


Our unique internship experience allows students to participate 100% online.


Our internship program is open to any graduate student regardless of their geographic location


Students gain practical experience and leadership skills


Students have the opportunity to create programs and projects around social problems they want to address in their career


Our internship removes barriers of participation that prevent students from gaining practical experience in traditional work environments.


Students gain a network of other interns and program alums working to create change around the globe

Social Change Management and Leadership Rotation

Students participate in a management rotation that allows them to learn general management skills while focusing on a research issue or topic they select.

Development and Fundraising Workgroup

Goal: Provide students with a broad understanding of the role of fundraising in social good organizations and how to determine appropriate funding opportunities to meet the mission of an organization or initiative.

Cause Marketing Workgroup

Goal: Provide students with a broad understanding of the role of social media and online networks in addressing social issues and how to determine which online platforms are most appropriate to connect with stakeholders and followers interested in the organization's mission.

Training and Presentation Workgroup

Goal: Provide students with a broad understanding of how to transfer their expertise and knowledge via in-person, online, and on-demand training and how to organize information so others are able to use the knowledge shared.

Not Just Online...

SISGI offers opportunities throughout the internship for our interns to learn and connect in person at our annual graduation socials, conferences, events, and trainings where our staff is participating or presenting.


Passionately committed to preparing social work students to tackle social challenges and lead social good efforts.

Kathern Paige

MSW Internship Program Manager

Andrea Summerlin

Veteran Initiatives/ Fundraising Workgroup Team Lead

Thenera Bailey

CEO/Field Instructor/Special Projects Lead

Ileana Naranjo

APYD/ Cause Marketing Workgroup Team Lead

Heather Mercer

Field Instructor/ Special Projects Lead

Kelli Koonce

Administrative Services Consultant

Current Interns

Students start our program as a cohort in either Spring (January) Summer (May) or Fall (August)

Spring 2018 Cohort

Summer 2018 Cohort

Fall 2018 Cohort

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