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SISGI Beyond Good Ideas Foundation is the nonprofit division of the SISGI Group.

Several organization programs such as our internship programs, free educational resources and collaborative work, sit within the nonprofit division. The foundation also awards free and low cost consulting services to organizations and individuals interested in creating lasting social change. A core part of the work of the foundation is to raise awareness of best practices and effective strategies for lasting social change.

Organization Goal: Increase the capacity of the social sector to solve pressing social problems

Launched in May 2011 to address 3 areas of concern in the nonprofit/social sector:

  • Lack of Preparation for those entering the sector
  • Lack of Education and professional development available to those working in the sector
  • Lack of Collaboration and collective effort occurring to solve social issues

SISGI Group Guiding Principle

BGI Foundation Projects and Programs

Social Change Leadership Internship Programs
Preparing college students to tackle social challenges and lead social good efforts. Since 2011 our virtual internship has prepared over 100 students to lead in the social sector.

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BGI Foundation Hurricane Fund
In the aftermath of Hurricanes Irma and Maria, the BGI Foundation will provide mini grants, in kind donations and supplies to individuals and community based organizations in the US Virgin Islands, British Virgin Islands, and Puerto Rico.

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Alliance for Positive Youth Development
The Alliance for Positive Youth Development (APYD) is an international membership network connecting and supporting individuals that have dedicated their career to youth and youth development.

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Free Educational Resources
From online courses and our social research blog, to informational PSAs and social media events, the BGI Foundation works to share best practices and innovative ideas to promote lasting social change.

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Pro Bono Nonprofit Capacity Building
Consultants are required to donate a minimum of one project annually to a nonprofit organization to build their capacity to meet their mission.

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