It is not enough to just attempt to do good works or continue to support ineffective strategies, when dealing with human lives. The SISGI Group works to build the capacity of individuals, organizations and groups to create lasting social change. We remove barriers to action by using a simple, common-sense approach: Preparation, Education and Collaboration.

We go beyond good ideas to
real solutions.

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More info about the individualized solutions you provide

We believe that global efforts should be designed with multidimensional local perspectives to address social problems.

core value #6

We use technology to make the world smaller, faster and more efficient in addressing social issues.

core value #5

We avoid telling single perspective stories about a place, people, or population and creating unintended impacts beyond our interaction.

core value #4

We believe that diversity is the key to any successful development strategy. 

core value #3

We employ best practices and shared experiences to develop strategic initiatives eliminating the silos within the social sector.

core value #2

We focus on long term strategies, sustainable changes and local impacts.

core value #1

This case study offers an inside look at our signature diversity + inclusion programs.

This case study highlights the comprehensive consulting services we offer to non-profits.




This case study offers insights from our leadership development projects.

case studies

diversity is the key to any successful development strategy

that there is nothing "micro" about "microaggressions"

we believe:

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