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Workshops in cities across the country offered to the public on a diverse collection of topics.

Social Media and Branding Series

This comprehensive Social Media workshop provides an introduction to newbies and a refresher for people with social media experience. Learn more about providing a jumpstart to your social media management and experience.

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Invisible Office

Best Practices for Remote Work! With advances in technology the office can be almost anywhere.Register today and learn simple low cost and efficient ways to work from any location from any device!

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From Experience to Expert

5 Steps for Utilizing Your Knowledge and Experience to Launch Your Consulting Career. This workshop provides a starting point for those interested in using their experience as expertise to become an independent consultant providing consulting services to organizations.

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The Multiplier Effect

Leadership that increases and retains talent. In this interactive workshop we will dive into how leaders can build the capacity of their organization by focusing energy on the capabilities of their team.

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New Manager

Tips for supervising and leading peers and professionals. Have you recently been promoted or transitioned into a new supervisor role? This workshop will give those new to the role of manager guidance on how to grow in their role as a leader while getting the best from those they supervise.

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Leader Jumpstart Series

This four-part series provides tools to support the leadership development of any manager or supervisor. From networking to time management, learn and develop your skills as a leader.

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