Take 5 with a NELA Fellow – Renee Flagler

The Nonprofit Executive Leadership Academy Program is a year-long leadership program for female nonprofit executives that includes networking with other nonprofit professionals, access to training and professional development on executive skills in social change leadership, and a chance to receive strategic support and coaching. This Take 5 series will allow us to get a closer look at our NELA Fellows as they offer insight into their experiences as Nonprofit Executives. Want to hear even more about the career  journey of our fellows? Join us for our Social Change Career Series where our fellows and other nonprofit leaders share their career path to executive leadership as well as what inspires them to create social change. Visit http://sisgigroup.org/careerseries to register.

Renee Flagler

Executive Director, Girls Inc. Long Island

Renee Daniel Flagler is a nonprofit executive who is passionate about encouraging people, especially women and youth to pursue their passion and purpose.

One Word to Describe Your Takeaway From the NELA Leadership Institute 2017.

1. What is your leadership style?

I'm a coach. I enjoy helping and witnessing my staff blossom, growth, achieve and succeed.

2. What inspired you to participate in NELA?

I have a high level of respect for professional development and the power of strong networks and I believed NELA was able to provide me with both of these things.

3. What has been one learning, takeaway or "aha" from your experience so far as a NELA Fellow?

That challenges aren't all that unique. Someone else has come across your same issue at some point and there are always solutions to be found.

4. How do you believe NELA addresses issues pertaining to women and leadership in the nonprofit sector?

Women thrive in collaborative environments. We are natural collaborators and together we make one another stronger. NELA has been key in having women in leadership collaborate, share, hear each other and network in a way this is both effective and fulfilling. I have new friends as a result of my NELA fellowship. 

5. Do you have any advice for someone who is interested in one day being in an executive role in the nonprofit sector?

Be ready to work--to go all in. Bring your experience, your qualifications, your passion and your heart. Nonprofits are a business and need to be approached in the most serious manner as such, but it's a business that involves a passion for seeing change and wanting to have in impact in enhancing the human condition. It's a balanced combination of heart and mind, business and charity, administration competencies and social change.  

Renee Flagler

Renee Daniel Flagler is an award-winning writer, adjunct professor, and a speaker who is passionate about encouraging people, especially women and youth to pursue their passion and purpose. Renee is the Executive Director of Girls Inc. of Long Island, whose mission is to empower girls to be strong, smart and bold. Renee advocates for youth both in the United States and abroad. She is a founding board member and former Board Chair for LEAP (Literacy Empowerment Action Project) Global, an organization with a mission to provide innovative literacy, youth empowerment programming, and high school scholarships to students in Ghana, Africa.

Renee is a 2017 Nonprofit Executive Leadership Academy Fellow with the SISGI Group

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