Pro Bono Nonprofit Capacity Building

Receive free projects and capacity building services from the SISGI Group

The SISGI Group consultants donate their time to lead groups of trained interns from our ISC Internship Program in leading capacity building projects with nonprofit partners. Nonprofit partners have a need for capacity building for their program or organization but limited human resources to meet this need. They have a strong and sustainable strategy to address a serious social problem and with additional support and awareness could be more effective. These organizations are interested in collaboration and working strategically to meet their mission.

Individual Projects

The SISGI Group manages pro bono individual projects with a group of nonprofit partner organizations annually.

Individual Projects include but are not limited to:

  • Recruitment plan development and volunteer generation
  • Program evaluation design and support
  • Systems design for improved program management
  • Social media management and development – Blog, Twitter, Facebook
  • New program and partnership design
  • Strategic and expansion plans
  • Needs assessments
  • Trainings
  • Awareness building and campaign development
  • Event Planning

And More...

Collaboration Projects

Organizations that do not have the need for a specialized project but could benefit from general awareness of their organization and social issue through collaborative work and idea sharing, can participate in our collaborative projects.

Become a Nonprofit Partner

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Frequently Asked Questions

How do we become a nonprofit partner?

Complete the application above. These applications are reviewed regularly by the CEO and a selection committee. Individual Projects that seem like a good fit and within the organization guidelines will be shared with SISGI Group Consultants to lead based upon their expertise and experience. Consultant will review applications, and select projects they are willing to lead. They then work with the SISGI Group CEO and the applicant to design a project that will work well with the format of the ISC Internship experience. Collaboration projects are selected on a rotating basis based upon the organization focus. Organization’s should apply in the same RFP for individual projects to be part of collaboration projects.

What is the cost to an organization to have a project?

Project time and services are donated and there are no costs for the nonprofit partner to participate. The management of these projects is a significant investment of time and resources so we do ask that nonprofit partners also provide a lead contact at their organization with decision making capabilities.

What types of nonprofit organizations will be the most successful as nonprofit partners?

We will review applications from all types of nonprofits, but think that organizations that have a high need for capacity building and have a budget under $1 million dollars for their key programs, will see the greatest return on the engagement. Organizations that are open to being an active participant in the design of a project and have the capacity to implement the recommendations and systems developed, will see a sustainable change in their organization. We use and push for the use of technology, particularly low cost and free technology, for social sector work, so organizations that see the benefits and are open to technology as a resource for their work, will see the best outcomes.

Can more than one organization work together for individual projects?

Absolutely! Partners that would like to complete strategic plans, recruitment plans, partnership plans and other systems design projects, that will make their partnership and overall work more effective, are encouraged to apply. By working with all partners connected to the work of an organization, our efforts will have a greater ability to reach sustainability.

Who will supervise our project?

SISGI Group Consultants will oversee all aspects of nonprofit partner projects including serving as the lead contact, supervising interns work and overseeing outcomes and timelines.

What will the process be for reporting and sharing of information, throughout the project cycle?

The SISGI Group is a leader in using technology to support clients and provide learning opportunities to undergraduate and graduate students. Project teams will have regular partner meetings to share progress, answer and ask questions, and provide training and support of capacity building projects. Most meetings will take advantage of technology and be held as online meetings. The SISGI Group uses online meeting programs that allow for virtual face to face communication regardless of geographic location. This will allow our nonprofit partners to participate in meetings and see the team that is working on their project. Projects are specifically designed to work in this format and to build the long term capacity of the partner organizations. These meetings are a chance for ongoing feedback to the project team and status updates for nonprofit partners.

What is the training provided to prepare interns to support projects?

All interns receive a Certificate in Social Change Strategy from our Institute for Social Change before they are included in a capacity building project team. This certification includes 12 mini courses and assessments in five categories:

  • Social Media Awareness and Engagement
  • Critical Analysis and Research
  • Presentations and Online Training
  • Collaboration and Strategy
  • Personal Leadership Development

They also participate in their own project leadership and development to prepare them with practical skills in project management. This training provides interns with the skills to develop their projects, understand fully the social issues in their focus area and a better understanding of social change. Nonprofit partners with individual projects will assist in the design of a training that provides specific information about the organization and their mission, needs and current capacity and expected outcomes for the project. Nonprofit partners play a strategic role in the preparation of materials specific to the organization that is used to train interns working on their projects.

What if I am not chosen this year for a Pro Bono Capacity Building Project?

Though we increase the number of projects we offer annually, we are unable to support every pro bono project application. If your project is timeline specific for this year, we encourage you to work with the SISGI Group CEO to determine a strategy for external financial resources to support your efforts through our traditional consulting services. If the project is not timeline specific and met our criteria, you may be considered in a future cycle. You will be informed if your project is not a good fit for these types of projects and provided with additional steps to support your needs.
The pro bono nonprofit capacity building projects provided by the SISGI Group are part of our pledge to the Billion+ Change campaign to increase the number of skill based volunteers supporting nonprofit capacity. The SISGI Group is a strategic partner in this effort and serves on the Small Business Advisory Group to increase the number of small businesses involved in providing skill based volunteers to the nonprofit sector. A list of pledge companies, and information about how to take the pledge, is available at:
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