Meet the SISGI Interns: Cynthia Brown – Spring 2016 Cohort

Cynthia Brown has begun her second year as a Master in Social Work Student at the University of Southern California concentrating on Social Work and Business in a Global Society with a military sub-concentration focal point. Cynthia has a passion for helping the homeless and has volunteered countless hours to different nonprofit organizations. She believes that homelessness is not prejudiced; that it crosses socio-economic, religious, educational, mental capacity, gender, veteran status, sexual preference, and racial barriers. This destitution occurs in urban, rural, and suburban communities. Cynthia also holds a Bachelor of Science in Business and Public Administration, and a Post-Baccalaureate in Human Resources. She has over 16 years in the telecommunication industry. Cynthia believes that she was chosen to create social change in the life of others one person at a time.

Cynthia is married to Waymond Brown, Sr. since 1987. She is mother to one son, Kristopher X. Brown, a senior in college; two deceased sons, Wesley Pierce Brown (died shortly after birth on 10/1990), and Waymond Brown, II (died at the age of 23 on 5/2012 sudden cardiac arrest); 5 sisters and an awesome MOM, Wilma Smith!

In order to get to know Cynthia better, we asked her some questions:

#1  What is your area of focus as a SISGI intern?
As an ISC intern, my focal points are homelessness, grief, corporate social responsibility.

#2  Describe your most interesting or challenging assignment during your internship?
I would have to say that being part of the Cause Marketing Team learning to use all of the technology (i.e., Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, Podio, Flipagram, Periscope) to reach a global culture and connect about common interest. 

#3  Name one thing you like(d) about the SISGI Group intern experience?
There are just so many… I loved the collaboration with and having the opportunity to write a blog; I loved the NO MORE BANDAID Platform of  SISGI Group which prompts real and lasting social change. 

#4  What would be your dream job?
My dream job (s) is to start a transitional program for the homeless. [I would also] Consult for SISGI Group, and work as an independent counselor with the VA.

#5   What has been your greatest learning experience while interning with SISGI Group?
My greatest learning experience while interning with SISGI is finding my VOICE and not to allow the conversation to grow stagnant but create a circular conversation around the issue.  (I learned this from Thenera!)  But the most important thing that I have learned from Thenera is that real social change is nontraditional and takes a collaboration to creating lasting social change. 

#6   What is one thing that surprised you about working with a virtual internship?
The technology–by being a virtual student I thought I knew quite a bit about technology, but soon realized that there is so much more to learn.

#7   Name one interesting fact about yourself that you would like to share.
I am an Evangelist and have preached/spoken at many events. I spearheaded Ladies Nite Ministries based on Titus 2 that was held monthly out of my home. 

#8   How do you plan to use the knowledge you’ve gained from this internship in your career?
I plan on using the knowledge gained from my internship to fully implement WayWesX Group to assist with reintegrating the homeless back into the main stream of society.

And with my current employer of 16 years,  AT&T, I hope to use my knowledge and MSW in creating my own path in assisting the organization with the corporate strategy of aligning the community engagement practices with the vision and mission statement.




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