Custom Course Development

Customized Online Learning For Your Organization


Your content and unique course selection for your users

  • Add or remove access as needed
  • Low cost alternative to travel and live trainings
  • Offer a professional development benefit to your staff and partners with access to additional ISC coursesonline learning

Develop a standardized training curriculum for your staff, volunteers and partners to increase efficiency and effectiveness.

  • Build an online learning and knowledge center with new courses and updates
  • Courses are available for individuals to return and refresh their memory no more learning loss after the training

Increase your performance and training measurement

  • Each course can have a built in knowledge checks and assessments and you can even assure people can not move forward until they receive a certain score or complete certain specific parts of the training resources successfully
  • Meet grant and funder requirements for learning outcomes
  • No more wondering if attendees paid attention during the webinar or training, obtain information on when courses are accessed, how much was completed, and scores on assessments.
  • Create prerequisites for courses to assure learning growth and development

Release courses in the system based upon time of year or for program milestones. No more worrying about juggling schedules to accommodate attendees. The courses can be accessed from anywhere, anytime.

To learn more about Institute for Social Change Custom Course Development or to schedule a demo complete the form below.

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