Our Focus Areas

The SISGI Group works to decrease the silos that create barriers to understanding and addressing social problems. We seek to look at the intersections and connections between social problems that may decrease the effectiveness of certain strategies. We push to share best practices and to access all perspectives on social change so that we can move the needle on many large social problems.

We group our work and project teams into specific areas to allow for specialization but also cross sector collaboration on projects. Though project teams develop a specialty in their focus area, they work in partnership with other project teams when issues overlap, allowing for all aspects of a social problem to be included when developing solutions.

Human Rights, Equality and Social Justice

This focus areas looks at issues that impact the rights and freedoms of individuals. It includes supporting the work of organizations and researching topics related to Gender Issues, LGBT Issues, Race and Ethnicity Issues, Discrimination, Violence, Human Rights Abuses and Personal Freedoms.

Poverty Elimination and Society Change

Poverty is a global issue that impacts many aspects of society. This focus area looks at all aspects of poverty including economic development strategies, homelessness, economic access, resource sharing, wealth inequity and international aid. We also look at the policy and government issues that impact systems within society that increase and support poverty such as corruption, discrimination and inequality.

Youth Development and Education

This focus area looks at all issues impacting young people under 25 around the globe. As many of these issues are central to education, it is a key focus of our work in youth development. Our goal is to increase the positive outcomes for young people by building and sharing best practices from around the globe.

Environment and Conservation

This focus area looks at how environmental policy and conservation intersect with many of other global social problems. We believe that to truly stem issues such as pollution, deforestation and climate change, we have to look at the government, economic and individual actions that impact these issues.

Global Health and Wellness

Like many of our focus areas, global health is interconnected with other social problems in society including poverty and access to adequate health care. We look at health within the larger context of how the social problem relates to other issues and look to share information on best strategies and new ideas that are effectively addressing global health issues.

Corporate Social Responsibility and Globalization

By researching positive and negative corporate impacts on the social sector and supporting the work of corporations and business striving to be better citizens, we create a holistic approach to eliminating social problems.