Southern National Service Training Conference

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SISGI Group Consultants will be leading 3 trainings during the Southern National Service Training Conference

No Budget Tech – Leveraging Technology for your program with little to no budget

In this session we will share best practices to leverage free and low cost technologies to support your mission and operations. We will also share strategies and methods that organizations can use to increase awareness and connections around their social change efforts with strategies for technology, social media and virtual networks. Attendees  will leave  with practical steps to implement technology and digital mobilization strategies for any size organization on any budget.

Strong Collaboration – Assessing your organization’s strengths to support collaborations and partnerships

Partnerships and collaborations are required to meet large goals. In this interactive session we share best practices to assess the strengths and capacity of your organization to meet your long term goals. We will then provide a guided strategy to help you assess potential partners that could help you reach your goals. Attendees will leave with a model to determine their goals, current reality, opportunities, and the willingness of partners and stakeholders to assist in achieving their mission.

Keeping Seasoned Volunteers, Spicy!: Creating an Engaging Experience for Older Adults in Service

Many organizations can benefit from older adult members in their national service program but are unsure about recruitment, expectations and structure within their existing program design. For long standing Senior Corps programs, new staff may need ideas on how to retain and support their older adults members. This workshop is tailored to programs that have a great service opportunity for older adults and want to learn best practices for retention and support.

We also will have an exhibitor booth. Look for pictures from the event at @SISGIGroup on Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook and #SISGITraining