The Social Change Career Series highlights the diversity of work and professional experiences related to social good. Speakers work in Nonprofit, Philanthropy, Government and Corporate roles and share their career journey, work life, and professional experiences with an online audience. The conversation is part of the Social Change Leadership Program at the SISGI Group and led by Thenera Bailey, President/CEO. Current Social Change Leadership program participants, alums and the public are invited to ask questions and connect with the speakers in this unique online conversation on social change careers. 

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Engage with industry thought leaders who will share their career journey and current role in creating social change and social good.  

Earnestine Walker

Vice President, Community Health and Inclusion

American Heart Association
January 31, 2017

Erich Pica


Friends of the Earth
February 16, 2017

Andrea Judson MSW, LCSW-C

Director of North American Operations

Planet Software
March 16, 2017

Lakeya Cherry

Executive Director 

Network for Social Work Management
April 14, 2017

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This Month's Speaker...
Andrea Judson
Planet Software

Andrea Judson, MSW, LCSW-C
Planet Software, Director of North American Operations

  • Andrea has had an interesting social work career.  After college, she volunteered for a year in inner city Detroit.  As part of this experience, she worked part time in a children’s hospital emergency room and part time with a nonprofit that was gearing up to open a program for mothers addicted to crack and their children.   Andrea received her MSW from University of Michigan and then moved to Baltimore to work with high risk pregnant women in a Healthy Start Program. This position led to a postion where she worked with two others to build and manage an Early Head Start Program for mothers and their children ages 0-3.  While in that position, Andrea was asked to begin supervising Social Work interns and she realized that she working with interns and growing programs a great deal.

    This led her to a position with U of MD, School of Social Work (UMB) where she supervised Social Work interns who were placed in a variety of community based programs while also providing technical and fundraising assistance to these entities.  Next, Andrea took a position overseeing the Undergraduate Field Education Program for UMB.  Andrea’s last position with UMB entailed placing graduate level Macro interns and assisting with the design and maintenance of a web based software system that enables UMB to effectively place and track over 900 interns a year.  While in this position, Andrea began working with an Australian software company (Planet Software) that had created a similar product (Sonia) and was interested in selling it in the United States. 

    On February first of this year, Andrea resigned from UMB after working there for 18 years and began working for Planet Software full time.  When she began with Planet Software on a part time basis, they had one customer in the US and now they have over 20.  Andrea now spends her time, managing US operations and assisting US customers with customizing Sonia to meet their unique business practices.  While Sonia can be used by any education program that includes an internship component, most US customers are Social Work Programs. Thus, Andrea also uses her knowledge of Social Work field education to design new features for Sonia that will be of use to her customers. 

Leading in Social Work Education and Technology

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