Don't Miss this Unique Online Learning and Networking Opportunity

Launched in 2012, The Best Practices for Youth Conference is a great professional development opportunity that leverages technology and social media to share and connect with youth development professionals, educators, and young people working on youth issues around the country. 

The conference consists of workshop webinars accessible only by conference registrants. In addition, conference participants will have access to virual networking, video conferences/chats, a virtual exhibit hall and social media. 

Since all events are online you can participate from anywhere with your computer, mobile phone, or tablet.  

Join us August 7-9, 2017



This 3 day FREE virtual conference consists of expert panels with Q&A sessions and afternoon lectures focused around a daily theme. 

Q & A Session/Panel Discussion - 1pm Eastern/ 10 am Pacific

Expert Lecture - 3pm Eastern/ 12pm Pacific



Youth, Community, and The Justice System

Approximately 2.1 million youth under the age of 18 are arrested in the United States in a single year.

Outcomes for youth involved in the justice system can include recidivism, academic failure, as well as mental health and substance abuse issues. However, there is a movement to reform the justice system by offering youth alternative interventions focused on rehabilitation and skill building to create a brighter and stronger future. Hear from juvenile justice experts as they offer tangible solutions to help get youth on a more positive path and suport them to reach their full potential.



Crisis Intervention for Prostitution and Child Trafficking

There are as many as 27 million men, women, and children in forced labor, bonded labor, and forced prostitution around the world.

Victims face a myriad of challenges when it comes to seeking help. Hear from experts who will share best practices for providing services and support to youth who have been victimized in sex trafficking and prostitution.  



Youth Activism and Social Change

There are 1.8 Billion youth around the world; the largest population ever.

 From Africa, Asia, Middle East, Europe, and North America, youth have been at the center of social movements, and even leading movements against oppression, and social injustice. The presenters will highlight what it means to be a youth activist, and share narratives of youth engaging in activism and the impact it has on society. Participants will increase awareness of youth participation in activism and recognize the capacity that youth have in creating social change.

Do you work with youth or are interested in youth issues? 

The APYDCON is hosted by the Alliance for Positive Youth Development (APYD), an international membership network that focuses on advocacy, awareness, and professional development for youth-serving professionals, and young leaders. The APYDCON brings you in-depth insight on selected youth topics in August annually. To learn more about APYD visit ideas4youth.org

Virtual Exhibit Hall

 The Virtual Exhibit Hall (VEH) allows companies, programs, and service providers to share their company's products or services in our online space accessible by conference attendees for one year. 

Q & A Sessions

Each day of the conference, an expert panel will discuss a core topic in youth development and take questions from the audience. Registered attendees can submit questions in advance or ask them live during the session.


Lectures are a chance to gain specific tools, strategies and best practices from experts. Presenters will share research and strategies that youth development professionals can implement in their community.

Virtual Networking

Share and connect with other participants online and on social media through the conference hashtag (#APYDCON) and through conference communities. 

APYD Membership

General membership is FREE and open to all individuals and organizations interested in networking, learning and collaborating to make the world a better place for youth. Registering for APYDCON 2017 provides automatic APYD Membership.

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