2016 Best Practices for Youth Conference

Workshop B

A Passion for Inclusion: Strategies for Success

Speaker Bio

Teresa Baldwin is a special education teacher based in Spokane, Washington. After a 25 year career as an elementary and secondary teacher in general education classrooms, alternative education, homeschool alternative learning programs and private tutoring, she returned to her own classroom of 4th graders in a small, private school. Recognizing the great influx of students with varying degrees of disability that were appearing in her general education classroom, especially students who struggled to thrive in public school settings, she opted to return to school and earn a Masters Degree in Special Education. As she investigated the options available to students with special needs in her community, she discovered that there were no private schools offering special education services (beyond reading resource support) in her community. She lobbied her school board to support the development and offering of a full time special education program for students. This program, Homeroom, is just finishing its first successful pilot year of operation with plans for expansion next year.

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3pm Eastern, 12pm Pacific

Workshop Description

This workshop will investigate the reasons and rationale for appropriate inclusion for students with disabilities into the general education classroom. It will look at the benefits to both special education students and typical students, as well as look honestly at the drawbacks of inclusion. It will address different strategies of providing support for students according to their needs and abilities. It will discuss the importance of educating and training general education students to support inclusion and understand how it can enhance learning and enrich their learning environment. It will troubleshoot common issues that arise with inclusion and how to resolve them so that all involved have a positive learning experience.

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