The SISGI Group was created to go beyond good ideas to real solutions. We provide strategic resources to our clients, partners and customers to increase their capacity to reach the next level in their work and efforts.

About US

The SISGI Group is a hybrid company: part consulting and research firm and part 501 (c) 3 charitable nonprofit organization.

SISGI Group LLC + SISGI Beyond Good Ideas Foundation = The SISGI Group


A consulting and research firm specializing in nonprofit and social venture capacity building. Bringing together independent consultants with a variety of expertise, the consulting group is able to address cross sector issues and and a range of specialties impacting organizations, individuals and groups.

SISGI Beyond Good Ideas Foundation

A 501 (c) 3 Charitable Organization and the nonprofit division of the SISGI Group. All programs such as our internship programs, educational resources and collaborative work sit within the nonprofit division. The foundation also awards free and low cost consulting services to organizations and individuals interested in creating lasting social change.

Strategy Consulting

Consulting services designed around client needs and outcomes.

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Training and Knowledge Management

Services to support the knowledge creation and professional development of mission driven organizations.

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Beyond Good Ideas Foundation

Nonprofit division of the SISGI Group focused on preparation, education and collaboration for social good

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Social Good Consulting Marketplace

Our global consultant registry connects nonprofits and social ventures with highly qualified and talented consultants for project based solutions.

Administrative Consulting

Our administrative outsourcing solutions provides administrative support to mission based organizations, startups and sole proprietors.

Beyond Good Ideas Startup Academy

Training and support resource for social entrepreneurs and consultants looking to start mission based organizations including nonprofits and for profits.

SISGI Group Mission

We provide strategic resources to increase the effectiveness, knowledge and capacity of those leading mission driven work and entrepreneurial ventures.


We empower individuals to change global social problems and lead strong organizations. We equip groups and organizations with the tools they need to not only make a difference but to make a lasting and sustainable impact through their efforts.

Core Values

  • Long-term strategies = SOLUTIONS
  • Local perspectives are always required for global social change work
  • Experts come in all forms
  • Increased use of technology can equalize access and power around social change efforts
  • Sustainability comes through partnerships and connected efforts
  • Empowering and equipping communities should be part of any social initiative

It is not enough to just attempt to do good works or continue to support ineffective strategies, when dealing with human lives.

Focus Areas

  • Human Rights, Equality and Social Justice
  • Poverty Elimination and Society Change
  • Youth Development and Education
  • Environment and Conservation
  • Global Health and Wellness
  • Corporate Social Responsibility and Globalization
  • Social Entrepreneurship

Training and Professional Development

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